noun \ˈfō-kəs\: a main purpose or interest

What is your focus?

We invite you to define your focus and let us be your guide to excellence. Whether it be a healthier lifestyle, your first 5k, your 7th marathon or losing 5lbs. We can get you there.

Post Competition Interview with Anthony Singe

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Pre-Competition Interview with Trainer, Jordan Worshoufsky


In anticipation for Jordan Worshoufsky’s upcoming competition, we sat down with her to speak about what it is to be a competitor in bodybuilding championships and how she has prepared for the upcoming event.

"Never Give Up!” This is what Jordan had to say about the overall preparation for this type of athletic competition. Much like other championships, the NPC New Jersey State Championships solicit a lifestyle restriction for months at a time in order to be recognized. When speaking with Jordan it was apparent that, although she had challenges in her three month preparation, she grew and learned new th...

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TV Personality and Model Caite Upton rants & raves about Longitude, Hartford's Premiere health and fitness facility.

Longitude sits down with TV Personality and Model Caite Upton to chat about her experience at Longitude, Hartford's premiere luxury fitness center and spa.

Caite, when did you start training?

Growing up as an athlete I worked with multiple personal trainers. Each trainer helped me focus on aspects, relating to whatever sport I was playing at that moment in my life.

Alright, well you're a model now; how has your training changed? Having been featured in the magazines Cosmo Girl and Seventeen as well as Nautica advertisements, it has to be more about aesthetics now right?

Once th...

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by Jordan Worshoufsky

This article is for the ladies who want people to think “how the heck did she fit in those jeans?!” How is this possible you ask? Weights. By utilizing moderate to heavy weights with certain booty blasting exercises, you can build the backside of your dreams. Throw in some expert advice, hard work and proper nutrition... Before you know it, Kim Kardashian will be asking YOU for some advice.

Before I give you the best booty building workout of 2015, there is one major detail you need to focus on while performing these exercises. The SQUEEZE. What’s that? The squeeze is the last part of the movement in which you contract your gluteal. Without this key...

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