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Post Competition Interview with Anthony Singe


With 27 years of a fit lifestyle, 19 bodybuilding competitions, numerous degrees and certifications in Exercise Science and a well-balanced Mind/Body relationship, it comes to no surprise that Anthony Singe or Tony, is an outstanding athlete. Following is a brief background of Tony’s recent accomplishments and viewpoints on fitness.


The NPC Northeast Summer Classic 2015 was such an amazing competition for Singe, not only placing 1st in Masters and Light Heavyweight but also achieving Best Overall. Speaking with the man himself, I was stunned by how humble he was after schooling everyone. Hitting a personal goal of winning Best Overall, Singe feels as though the most crucial part of fitness is, “Consistency…choose a realistic goal you believe you can be successful with and do it on a regular basis!”

Tying consistency in, along with the efforts that go into understanding the demands of life for himself and his clients, it is truly amazing that Singe has such a strong foundation in year-round clean eating and exercising with workouts, “…that engage the mind and body.” While Tony has his training down to a science, we asked him what the biggest challenge is for his clients, "Time management. Most of my clients have demanding jobs, spouses that are also employed, and children with whom they want and need to spend time with. Unless one prioritizes themselves within the balance of life...they will never reach there personal best."


Lastly, we spoke on the aspect of training that many people yield as the hardest part of the equation – nutrition. Singe believes that you choose the way you eat and live – “Anything different would yield different consequences.” The whole Longitude Team is proud to be in the presence of Singe as well as have him with work with us!

Written by Brandon M. Arasimowicz


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