If You're All About That Bass: Best Summer Booty Workout



by Jordan Worshoufsky

This article is for the ladies who want people to think “how the heck did she fit in those jeans?!” How is this possible you ask? Weights. By utilizing moderate to heavy weights with certain booty blasting exercises, you can build the backside of your dreams. Throw in some expert advice, hard work and proper nutrition... Before you know it, Kim Kardashian will be asking YOU for some advice.

Before I give you the best booty building workout of 2015, there is one major detail you need to focus on while performing these exercises. The SQUEEZE. What’s that? The squeeze is the last part of the movement in which you contract your gluteal. Without this key factor, gains will be hard to notice, if noticeable at all. One last detail before we get started with the program- you will need a full range of motion on every exercise. As Lil’ Jon would say …“Get Low.”


* Beginners start at 15 reps for 2 sets / rest 90 seconds after each exercise

** Intermediate start with 12-15 reps for 2-3 sets/ rest 60-90 seconds after each exercise

*** Advanced s tart with 10-12 reps for 3 sets / rest 60 seconds after each exercise

Straight Leg Deadlift

Grab a barbell, with a slight bend at your knees, pop your hips backward, lean forward sliding the barbell along your thighs, keep your back flat, stop 6 inches from the ground, as you pull yourself back up, initiate your gluteal and squeeze bringing the barbell back to the starting position





Single leg cable kick back

Use the foot attachment for a cable set at the bottom level, slight lean forward ( or go down on all fours) as you kick the cable back, extend your leg and squeeze at the top of the movement, repeat.



Single leg step up to knee up

Step up onto a box (quadriceps should be parallel to the floor), grab a dumbbell in each hand, step up with your right foot, and bring your left knee up. Keep shoulder blades back and core tight.



Hip Bridge

Grab a barbell and place it over your hips, lie down on the ground, lift up your hips off the ground with the barbell and squeeze your booty at the top of the movement



Incorporate these exercises into any exercise regimen for that dream booty you only though existed in magazines. Flaunt it, shake it, and admire it (have others admire it). You worked for it girl.


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