Rants & Raves: Caite Upton


TV Personality and Model Caite Upton rants & raves about Longitude, Hartford's Premiere health and fitness facility.

Longitude sits down with TV Personality and Model Caite Upton to chat about her experience at Longitude, Hartford's premiere luxury fitness center and spa.

Caite, when did you start training?

Growing up as an athlete I worked with multiple personal trainers. Each trainer helped me focus on aspects, relating to whatever sport I was playing at that moment in my life.

Alright, well you're a model now; how has your training changed? Having been featured in the magazines Cosmo Girl and Seventeen as well as Nautica advertisements, it has to be more about aesthetics now right?

Once the years of playing competitive sports were over, I had a hard time finding a trainer that met my needs. Every trainer I found could never fully meet my expectations or demands of my career.

So what was unique about your experience at Longitude?

I met Tim Moore. After sitting down to speak with Tim, I knew right away that he knew what he was doing. I explained to him how I wanted to keep my powerful, athletic build without having the bulk, and wanted to stay lean. We immediately set up a day to start training.

Do you mind telling us what your workout consisted of?

We did kickboxing, used my body weight and occasionally some machines usually once or twice a week depending on my schedule.

So overall you're happy with your experience at Longitude?

I saw the exact results I was looking for. With all with his experience, knowledge, and care he has for his clients. Tim was my favorite and the best trainer that I've had.






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