Locker & Laundry Service

Towel Service

Leave your towels at home! Fitness Squared offers a towel service to our members as well as our guests. Workout towels and shower towels are available here at Fitness Squared.

Locker & Laundry Service

At Longitude we offer a very convenient locker and laundry service. If you choose this option you would get your own permanent locker and access to our laundry service. Inside your locker you will find a net bag, to contain your washable workout clothes. The clothes are laundered and returned to your personal locker in time for your next visit! If you choose this option you will never be able use the excuse “well I forgot my workout clothes, I can’t workout today!” Day lockers are available and you may bring your own lock to ensure that your valuables are kept safe while you are exercising.


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