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Experience downtown's best assortment of health and fitness classes
Aqua 101

Swim to a better physique. Toning legs, abs and core with the use of aquatics.


High energy class that combines Pilates core work with Barre and sculpting exercises to chisel the abs and create a strong, lean body.


Developed by Jillian Michaels, BodyShred is a high intensity and endurance based 30 minute workout

Boxing Technique

Learn to jab, slip. bob and weave in this awesome foundation class. Enjoy interval work on the heavy bag combined with compound core movements that will have you conditioned like a fighter in no-time

Hardcore Pilates

Take your Pilates experience to the next level!  This class focuses on core stability and provides full body strengthening by marrying traditional Pilates exercises with various stability equipment including the Bosu, Stability Ball, and weights.   All fitness levels welcome, modifications are provided so you can continue to push yourself as your strength and stability develop.


Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body fast using cutting edge choreography

Cardio Aqua

A low impact, fat burning, muscle-building workout in the pool. Weights are utilized for additional resistance.

Cardio Fit

Remember step class? It's a new twist on an old favorite.

Cardio Flow Yoga

Powerful, energetic form of yoga in which students move from one pose to the next while connecting their breath to the movements

Cardio Sculpt

Heart pumping mixture of strength and aerobic movements

Cycle 90

90 minutes of heart pumping, quad burning cycling goodness.


Motivational cardiovascular conditioning with interval efforts and cadence drills to enhance muscular endurance


Bootcamp combining moderate-high intensity cardio aerobics, kickboxing, strength circuits and core sculpting for a total body work out.

Mat Pilates

Improve your balance, strength and posture with Pilates performed on a mat.

Muscle Pump & More

Designed to give you a total body workout using body weight exercises and additional weights. Increase strength and tone muscles that you never knew you had. This class includes cardio bursts, circuits and interval training.

Power Strength

A complete body conditioning workout that utilizes weights to improve strength.

Power Yoga

The perfect blend of sweat and serenity; challenging and dynamic, balancing intense holds with movement from one pose to the next.

Senior Aqua

Low-impact cardio workouts in downtown's only lap pool

Tri Training

Train like a triathlete with our ultimate workout consisting of running, cycling and swimming.


Latin inspired dance work out that will have you sweating to the music.


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